• The app that lets you buy a cup of coffee for anyone, anywhere.

The feeling we get from the first cup of coffee of the day — it’s a treasured moment. What if there was a way to share that feeling with the world? With Nack, you can. In just a few simple clicks you can send a cup of coffee to a friend that could use a pick-me-up or even leave a cup for a stranger to be redeemed later. So…next time you are in a coffee shop, or anywhere for that matter, use Nack to share a little kindness. You’ll be surprised how good it feels.
Here’s how it works…

Select a user from your contacts and Nack does the rest. You can personalize your coffee gift with a picture and some words of encouragement. After your coffee gift is redeemed your message will be revealed to the recipient and you will be notified of the redemption within the app. The recipient will then be encouraged to pay-it-forward and the kindness spreads, one cup of joy at a time.

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Nack also allows you to leave suspended coffees at locations throughout the world. A suspended coffee is a prepaid coffee that is purchased in advance and then a coupon given to someone else. The coffee is held or ‘suspended’ at a location until it is claimed by another user.
Using Nack create a suspended coffee by providing your name, a nice message and a picture. The suspended coffee will be left at that location for another user to find and redeem.


Giving to Friends

When giving a coffee to a friend, the funds are transferred from the giver’s card to Nack’s account.

The recipient is notified of the gift and asked to go to a partner cafe of their choice.
*The recipient must be in a partner cafe to claim the gift.

At the time the gift is redeemed,the message is revealed and a coupon is allotted to the recipient. The recipient can then use the coupon at any partner cafe.

Suspended Coffees

When leaving a suspended coffee, the funds are transferred from the giver’s card to Nack’s account. This coffee will be available at all partner cafes.

When in a partner cafe, any Nack user can claim this coffee. A coupon will be allocated on successful redemption.
* The recipient must be in a partner cafe to claim the gift


Nack is a kindness driven community. We offer a creative, low cost way to energize your target audience whether they’re employees, clients, customers or prospects.

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